Cupping therapy includes special cups that are placed on your skin for a few minutes in order to create suction. It relieves pain and inflammation. It improves blood flow and causes relaxation. Cupping therapy is an ancient technique that has become common in recent years.

Cupping Therapy

MediCupping Therapy


Cupping treatment involves warming and placing cups (glass), on the back, neck and shoulders. By warming the air inside the cup produces a vacuum, which is when applied to the skin, draws up the tissue into the cup. Cupping stimulates blood flow, loosens the connective tissue thus promoting healing. Depending upon the  degree of suction and the level of internal stagnation cupping may result in temporary Bruising or soreness.


MediCupping uses a machine to create the suction. It produces pumping movements that are otherwise done with manual vacuum pistols. As an additional therapy to chiropractic manipulations, medical procedures and surgical recovery, this therapy accelerates patient progress towards a happy life.