Physical Therapy NJ

Common Conditions Treated By Professional Physical Therapy

Newark physical therapy is an evidence-based, non-surgical, and non-drug way of treating various types of physical conditions, diseases, disabilities, and injuries. This branch of rehabilitative healthcare aim not only to evaluate patients who are suffering from certain physical conditions and provide appropriate treatment but also to help people maintain and restore their physical mobility and function.

Airon Physical Therapy Center

Different Types of Physical Therapy Techniques Available in Newark NJ

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, has been around for over 150 years already. Since it first appeared in 1851 up until the modern days, many people have already benefited from the therapeutic effects it provides. Newark Physical therapy is a conservative treatment method that is done to help patients improve or regain their physical abilities. This non-invasive and non-medical treatment method is also used to address the management and healing of disabilities and injuries. Whether you are injured or you just want to boost your physical health, physical therapy can be beneficial for you. Physical therapy can also help prevent illness or injury.