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Top Reasons Why Newark Physical Therapy Is Beneficial For You

Physical therapy has been used since ancient times in addressing various physical problems and other health conditions. From managing physical deformities or injuries caused by accidents to improving general health and wellness, Newark physical therapy has been found effective.

Physical Therapy

But why should you really consider undergoing this conservative treatment method? Well, here are a few reasons why professional physical therapy in Newark NJ is beneficial for you.

Pain reduction and relief

Physical therapy aims to help relieve and reduce pain. It has been found effective in managing a wide range of chronic musculoskeletal pains like muscle pain or myalgia, lower back pain, stress fractures, and tendonitis. While oral medication can help momentarily ease these chronic musculoskeletal pains, they are likely to strike again sometime in the future.

By using manual therapeutic techniques that involves mobilization, and combining them with specialized exercises as well as soft tissue and joint treatment, the physical therapist can not only help minimize the pain but also help eliminate and prevent it from reoccurring. Advanced pain management in Newark NJ is also proven effective in treating other conditions such as migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJS), pelvic floor dysfunction, sports injuries or strokes, fibromyalgia, and traumatic brain injuries, among others.

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Improves physical mobility

If you are having difficulties standing, moving, walking, or running, consider having physical therapy in Newark NJ. Physical therapy is widely used to address physical mobility issues. With the help of specialized strengthening and stretching exercises, the physical therapist can help restore and improve your ability to move regardless of your age. The exercises are customized and specifically designed to fit the individual needs of the patient. The customized individual care plan usually includes specific assistive devices, treatment techniques, and exercise routines that are meticulously studied, practiced, and adapted to ensure safety and maximal performance.

Stroke Recovery

Stroke can weaken the body and affect your ability to move your limbs. With the help of physical therapy, you can be able to recover from stroke more quickly. Physical therapy can help restore the strength of the weakened parts of your body, improve your balance and gait, and ease physical mobility issues. So if you are experiencing a stroke, getting physical therapy can greatly benefit you. Not only will it allows you to restore your mobility, but it can also help reduce the burden of care for dressing, bathing, toileting, personal physical activities, and daily living, letting you move around more independently.

Physical Therapy Newark

Improves Body Balance and Coordination

Are you prone to falling? Are you feeling unsteady especially when walking? Well, you might have body balance issues? Try seeking help from a licensed physical therapist in Newark NJ. Before starting a program, the physical therapists will have you undergo some screenings and assessment tests. This will help them identify the extent of your condition and allow them to create a physical therapy program that will challenge your balance and help manage your body balance and coordination issues.

Sports Injury Prevention and Recovery

Engaging in sports, especially in extreme sports, increases your risks for specific types of injuries. Whether you are an athlete or just someone active in sports, it best to undergo certain physical therapy exercise programs that can help you prevent or reduce your risks for sports injuries. Physical therapy can also help you recover from sports injuries, treat fractures, and restore your strength and mobility, thus, helping you get back in the game more safely and quickly.

Aside from these 5 major benefits, physical therapy can also help prevent disability and invasive surgery. It is also beneficial in the management of a wide range of health conditions such as vascular conditions, diabetes, bowels and bladder issues, lung and heart disease, age-related health problems, and women’s health conditions. Physical therapy can also help you recover faster after giving birth.