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What Is Dry Needling Therapy and What Are Its Benefits

Physical therapy has become a go-to option for people who are suffering from different health problems, injuries, and difformities but don’t want to take medication drugs or to undergo medical treatment like surgery. One of the most popularly used Newark physical therapy approach today is dry needling.

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What is dry needling therapy?

Dry needling therapy is a type of physical therapy that involves the insertion of very fine dry needles into the tight muscles or trigger points in the body. It is often performed by sports injury and physical therapists. It is primarily done to help restore muscle functions, improve tissue healing, and boost an individual’s regular ability to move.

Primary Benefits of Dry Needling Therapy

Relieves Muscle Pain

Newark physiotherapy dry needling targets the trigger points in the body. The inserted fine needles will release the pain-causing chemicals, tension, pressure, and inflammation in the muscles. By deactivating the trigger points, the body can be able to naturally reduce pain.

Targeting the trigger points also help improve the extensibility of the muscle which in effect can release the unnecessary pressure from the joints and encouraging joint pain relief. It can also influence or block the neurotransmitters from transmitting pain messages to the brain and spinal cord.

Relaxes Stiff Muscles

A physical therapist in Newark NJ has the ability to identify the trigger points or knots in certain parts of the body. Once identified, the dry needles will be inserted on these points. This can help in the restoration of the muscle’s normal resting length, thus help in releasing tightness and relaxing stiff muscles.

Improves Blood Flow

The trigger points will not only cause muscle tightness and pain, but they can also restrict blood flow and oxygen delivery. By releasing the trigger points using ultra-thin dry needles, the barriers are being eliminated, thus helping improve oxygenation and blood flow.

Boosts Range of Motion

Being in pain restricts how you can move. Without feeling any pain or stiffness and with increased blood flow and oxygenation, however, you can be able to see a great improvement in your overall range of motion.

Pain Management

Helps Treat Chronic Pains

Dry needling is often used as a part of a chronic pain treatment plan that is used to treat both acute and chronic pains like headache, sciatica, shoulder pain, neck pain, tennis/golf elbow, and back pain.

Promotes and Speeds Up the Natural Healing Process

The inserted needles will leave a lesion which allows the process of physiological mechanisms on remodeling inflamed and injured soft tissue to take place. The mechanical and biochemical effect of dry needling therapy encourages the body to heal the injury by itself faster, thus helping reduce pain naturally.

Is Dry Needling Physical Therapy Safe?

Dry needling physical therapy in Newark is generally safe. However, when it comes to questions regarding the safety or risks of this physical therapy approach, the answer can be subjective.

Currently, there is no regulatory agency that strictly controls the training, supervision or licensure of dry needling practice and there is no existing credentialing board as well. This means that anyone can claim that he is an expert at dry needling. Unfortunately, you can’t directly determine if the training and skills claimed are legitimate and satisfactory. If you happen to meet this kind of service provider, your safety can’t be 100% guaranteed.

If you opt for dry needling, however, make sure you choose a service provider with postgraduate healthcare education like a certified physical therapist in Newark NJ. The certified practicing physical therapists have vast knowledge and have undergone intensive training on different physical therapy approaches including dry needling. By choosing a physical therapist, you can be sure that you are in good hands, your safety is guaranteed, and you can enjoy the benefits dry needling therapy has to offer.